Back 4 Blood has had a relatively lukewarm reception, claiming a Top Critic average score of 76 and a total 72% critic recommendation. Many have enjoyed the core gameplay loop and its co-op elements, though the biggest issue many have had are bugs and technical issues that bring the experience down considerably. For example, it’s impossible to get achievements/trophies or unlock new characters in Back 4 Blood when offline.

Notably, however, a lot of fixes are in the works for Back 4 Blood. The game’s Trello community board tracks everything that developer Turtle Rock is working on, and there’s a good bit in the works currently. Not all of it will likely make the upcoming December 2021 update, but everything from the ability to drop weapon attachments and having actual solo progression to a vote to kick and major bug fixes are all on this Trello board. The ability to drop weapon attachments, though, comes with a big catch.


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As many who have played Back 4 Blood know, it’s currently impossible to drop an attachment that is either accidentally picked up or doesn’t work as well as one hoped. There’s no reason to have a super-powerful scope on a magnum, but accidentally or otherwise, it’s easier to drop the whole weapon at the moment than it is to drop that attachment. The only way is to hopefully find another attachment that’ll work better.

back 4 blood weapon attachments

Needless to say, Turtle Rock working on the ability to drop attachments is a major, important quality of life update. Unfortunately, though, the Trello community board currently marks it as a card. Instead of being able to do it as a standard feature, players will need to use a card for it. This may seem small for many, but it’s hinting at an overreliance on the cards that Back 4 Blood handled pretty well at launch.

Placing too much emphasis on cards now, especially for what many would argue should be a standard feature, may not be a good sign.

Not to mention, the Trello board also mentions a new card type is in development, so it’s easily worrisome that the future is just cards. Fans will just need to wait and see what Turtle Rock cooks up for new Back 4 Blood cards, but limiting a should-be standard feature to them isn’t likely to land well. It all remains to be seen and it could be changed between now and the update, but for now, that’s where it seemingly stands.

Back 4 Blood is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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