Despite Valve's good track record for delivering quality products, there have been a handful of doubts regarding just how well the Steam Deck will be able to run some of gaming's most technically demanding titles. The company is trying to put those fears to rest with a recent video showcasing Devil May Cry 5 running on the upcoming handheld console.

The video in question was posted to the official Devil May Cry YouTube channel and showcased a few different moments throughout Devil May Cry 5 as played on the Steam Deck. Valve has been publicly very confidant in its system's ability to run titles smoothly and the footage of Devil May Cry 5 shows that as the game seems to be running at 60 frames per second with no visible slowdown despite being a graphically "busy" title with its many particle effects and moving pieces in the form of enemy mobs.


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This shouldn't come as much of a surprise as Valve has said that it's been going through the entire Steam library to make sure that the Steam Deck can handle any game available on the service. While that promise is all well and good on the surface, many fans took that to mean that more technically demanding games might be running at lower frame rates with lower graphical settings. The Devil May Cry video seems to indicate that this might not be the case and that the Steam Deck will be delivering a much smoother experience than some fans were expecting.

The Steam Deck is one of gaming's most anticipated pieces of hardware, as the promise of a handheld PC feels like a dream come true for many gaming enthusiasts, especially for those disappointed by the lack of hardware updates that have been made to the Nintendo Switch, the only other major handheld console at the moment. Unfortunately, however, the Steam Deck's release has been pushed back from December of this year into February 2022 meaning that those who've preordered the system will need to be waiting a little while longer to play PC games on the go.

Very few fans are able to fault Valve for the delay in shipping, especially seeing how challenging gaming hardware manufacturing has become due to the ongoing chip shortage that's been impacting every platform in the games industry. Most fans are just anxious to get a Steam Deck in their hands because with every new piece of information about it, like the video of DMC5 running smoothly, it just looks better and better.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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