The multiplayer component for Halo Infinite is now available, and many players have been enjoying the gameplay. While the game introduces new mechanics that innovate on the Halo formula, such as the Grapple Shot, many classic features have made a return as well. One of these returning gameplay mechanics connected to multiplayer is melee.

While many first-person shooters have a melee function for close-quarters combat, few are as integral to the gameplay experience as in the games in the Halo series. It is important to understand the ability and use it often in matches, as it is very effective in battle. A single melee can deplete an opponent’s shields, while a second can finish them off. In addition, meleeing an enemy in the back is an instant kill. Even though the mechanic is meant to be powerful, one fan recently discovered that the melee in Halo Infinite appears to be too strong.


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In a post on TikTok, a user known as MrARMBARS revealed a bug involving the melee mechanic in the multiplayer for Halo Infinite. According to the gamer, players that use this glitch can melee much quicker than usual. In the short video, he demonstrated the technique used to perform the overpowered melee. During a match, he ran up to an unsuspecting enemy and meleed them twice. The rate that he landed the blows was much quicker than the regular speed of the mechanic, leaving his opponent with no time to react. After testing the overpowered melee, MrARMBARS was amazed by the results. "That's nasty," he said.


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In order to perform the glitch, MrARMBARS explained that players need to first shoot their weapon. This is done so that that the gun can be reloaded. According to the gamer, the next step is to melee followed by quickly pressing the reload button. Then players only need to alternate between the melee and reload actions to continually melee with very little time in between hits.

This clip revealing the overpowered melee has caught the attention of many Halo Infinite fans on TikTok. With over 369K views and 16.3K likes, many people were intrigued by the glitch. However, many found this bug concerning, as it damages the competitive integrity of multiplier matches. Even though the ability is meant to be effective in a fight, this glitch makes it stronger than intended.

As this TikTok clip reveals, the melee glitch is extremely powerful in Halo Infinite. It will be interesting to see how the developers at 343 Industries address this problem in the coming days. Hopefully, it's fixed soon so that the bug doesn't impact the quality of the multiplayer.

Halo Infinite releases on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The multiplayer beta is available now.

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