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Valheim is a brutal open-world multiplayer survival game that throws players into the world of Norse mythology tasked with defeating Odin's rivals. The game has a crafting system, a huge procedurally generated world, boats to sail on, houses to create, and creatures to defeat.


Valheim is developed by Iron Gate AB and is published by Coffee Stain and is currently only available in Early Access via Steam. Considering that new players might have lots of questions about certain aspects of the game, here is a complete guide for Valheim that's full of useful tips and tricks for all levels of players.

Updated November 9th, 2021 by Joseph Carew: Valheim has been out for nine months and seen its first major update titled Hearth and Home. In this time, the developers have released a number of smaller changes to different creatures' spawn rates, how farming works, and made alterations to different biomes. With these changes and that recent major update, the following hub has been edited and updated with new guide content.

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How to Find Specific Ores, Materials, and Items

This section of the Valheim guide will go over how to locate the various ores, materials, and important items that are scattered across the world. Here, players will learn how to find copper and leather scraps as well as where to get important items such as the Swamp Key. If a player is looking for something and can't seem to find it, this list should help that Valheim fan out.

Valheim all types of ore

Valheim's Ores

Valheim's Materials

Valheim's Items

Valheim's Map and Biomes

In order to master Valheim, players need to understand its world. Valheim's world is one full of different biomes that players have to discover, understand, and master. This section details some of the more challenging areas of the game as well as touches on how large the entire world is.

valheim map

How to Craft Armor, Arrows, Weapons, Tools, and Items

If there is anything more important than crafting tools in Valheim, it would be crafting items to defend oneself. The world can be quite the challenge for those players who haven't focused on building up their armor or weapons. Therefore this section is all about the important tools and items that players need to craft during a playthrough of Valheim. This list includes the various armor sets in the game as well as the long list of tools and weapons.


Valheim's Armor and Shields

crude bow and draugr fang.

Valheim's Bows and Arrows

valheim battle-axe

Valheim's Weapons

valheim cartography table

Valheim's Tools and Items

Valheim Bosses

Valheim players that are struggling to find and/or defeat any of the game's bosses can use this section to get the upper hand. With 5 powerful bosses to battle, players have quite the challenge ahead of them when starting a game. Each boss appears in a different biome in the world of Valheim and a playthrough brings players into contact with Eikthyr, the Elder, Bonemass, Moder, and finally Yagluth.

Valheim 9 Tips For Defeating Yagluth

Tips for Homes and General Construction

But, between challenging the various bosses in Valheim, players can create their dream Viking home with the help of their friends. The game has an elaborate crafting system in which players can create wood and stone structures as long as they have the right materials. This section details both the basics as well as some of the higher level building mechanics in Valheim.

A warrior in a blue cloak stands outside a building with items in the window

Taming Animals, Farming, and Cooking

For some Valheim players, the Viking lifestyle is much better when combined with the domestication of animals and farming. Fortunately, there are several animals that can be tamed in Valheim and a bunch of seeds that can be planted. These guides below will help players figure out how to create the Viking farm of their dreams as well as how best to feed their Viking warrior.

Valheim How to Tame Lox


Farming and Fishing


Valheim Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

These general guides will be of great help to players that are just getting started in Valheim as well as those who are looking to learn even more after playing it for a while. Many elements and features in Valheim aren't explained fully to the player, so these will help any fans that have questions about early game topics and hidden features.

In-Game Questions

Set-up and Multiplayer Questions

Valheim Community Builds and Reviews

Valheim, since its release, has seen quite a large number of impressive builds by its community. This section walks players through some of the more impressive creations as well as the reviews the game has received since its launch.

News and Updates for Valheim

Valheim's developers promise more and more content as the game matures. Already home to one major update, Hearth and Home, Valheim will likely continue to see new additions and adjustments to its gameplay. This section is for those Valheim fans looking to check in on the latest changes to the game.

hearth and home throne

Valheim is currently available in Early Access on PC via Steam.

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